Global Solutions for the Fertilizer Industry Since 1897.


Our Commitment: To supply the Fertilizer industry with innovative solutions, high quality equipment and exceptional service.


For more than 115 years, the A.J. Sackett & Sons Company has served the Fertilizer Industry, offering basic engineering, process and systems design, and equipment manufactured specifically to meet fertilizer’s demanding requirements.

What We Stand For
For more than 100 years our customers have known that when they specify Sackett equipment they will receive quality equipment. Quality is built into every product we sell. We take great pride in our reputation for quality and service and work very hard to exceed our customers’ expectations.

What We Do
We design, manufacture and service equipment systems for the worldwide fertilizer industry.

We Design: Our equipment can be found in all types of fertilizer businesses on every continent. Our experienced engineering staff develop concepts and design solutions for all Sackett equipment and processes.

We Manufacture: With more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we have the facilities, machinery, and skilled personnel to manufacture the systems we design.

We Service: Our reputation is built on long-term relationships with our customers. We know that our success depends on your success, and we are determined to exceed your expectations. We provide detailed assembly drawings and manuals, and after the sale, quick and accurate parts support.




What Our Focus Is
For more than 100 years, our focus has been on serving every aspect of the fertilizer industry. We continue to develop innovative technologies for today and the future. In addition to traditional fertilizer production, Sackett is on the leading edge in developing new processes , including new methods to produce granular fertilizer from by­products such as ammonium sulfate and organic waste streams. As raw material availability varies, Sackett continues to develop granulation processes that work effectively with a wide variety of inputs.




December 8, 1861 – AJ ‘Gus’ Sackett born
1887-1897 – Learned millwright trade and built first fertilizer plants
1897 – Moved to Baltimore, founded company, and started building shell mill.



1900 – Bought present property on Highland Ave.
1905 – Plant burned down and Joe Jr. born
1907 – Walt Sr. born
1908 – Built foundry



1912 – Finished new office building the day the stock market crashed
1910 – 1930 – Developed product line of mills, rotary dryers, pug mills, rotary screens, gravity mixers, which became the standard of all east coast fertilizer plants
1929 – Built new steel fabrication shop



1935 – Walt Sr. started traveling to Midwest and talking to co-ops about building their own fertilizer plants
1938 – Built the first Midwest granulation plant for Indiana Farm Bureau in Indianapolis, starting 30-year run through the Midwest and Southeast


1947 – Built first “Super-Flo” granulation plant for Indiana Farm Bureau in Indianapolis
1948 – Introduced the pug mill granulation process


1953 – Built first two TVA granulation plants, both in Baltimore for Royster and Fertilizer Manufacturer’s Co-op. This sparked a “granulation boom” that dominated the industry for the next 20 years.
1956 – Walt Jr. joined the company1950


1960 – Built the first “Bulk-Toter” chain-flight
1968 – Built the first “Bulk Conditioner” and “Lump Buster”1960

1970 – 1980

1973 – Walt Jr. became president
1976 – Larry Taylor joins the company
1988 – Larry Taylor became president


1995 – Sackett  invested in and partnered with Waconia Manufacturing
1998 – Sackett awarded patent for unique granulation binder process


2004 – Sackett  accelerates development of granulation processes for organic and other renewable sources of plant nutrients
2006 – Sackett continues developing innovative products for small and large fertilizer blend plants worldwide
2006 – Sackett continues building terminals and granulation plants worldwide for ammonium sulfate, NPK, and SSP

2013 – Sackett launches Precision Fertilizer Blending® Systems

2014 – Sackett Expands manufacturing capability by opening a fabrication site in Wilson NC, and expanding Waconia Manufacturing’s facilities