Blending Equipment

Sackett offers a full line of blending equipment from floor blending to tower blending systems. We can suit nearly any blending application, and can build equipment for any environment. Sackett’s blending systems and equipment can be found around the world and in your backyard. It’s engineered specifically for the rigors of the fertilizer industry and designed with a long service life in mind.

The HIM Mixer

The HIM Mixer combines the best in speed, accuracy, and dependability in one high performance mixer. The HIM has roots in the food industry, but has been completely re-engineered and adapted for the rigors of the fertilizer industry.

It’s unique design eliminates “dead zones” inside the mixer, and it’s mixing action ensures that each granules is in motion during the mixing process. It’s bomb-bay style doors provide an instantaneous discharge that prevents re-segregation of material.

The HIM is an essential part of Sackett’s proprietary Precision Fertilizer Blending System®. The Sackett HIM Tower operates on this process and is the toughest, fastest and most accurate fertilizer blend system in the industry. With outstanding blend quality, zero product segregation, and high speed discharge, Sackett towers can load a 25 ton truck in about 8 minutes, and are 100% accurate, 100% of the time. Its the 1st step to Nutrient Use Efficiency.


Loss in Weight Blending

The Sackett Loss-In-Weight Blend System is a revolutionary development in continuous blend systems with blending capabilities exceeding 250 TPH. What separates Sackett’s Loss-In-Weight from the others is its utilization of a proven, dependable mechanical design along with advanced automation to give the customer unprecedented speed, flexibility, dependability and accuracy.

The Sackett Loss-In-Weight features stainless steel hopper construction with extra width and holding capacity. Each hopper rests on stainless steel load cells and are supported by structural steel framing. Dosing of each material is done via a stainless mesh chain conveyor, providing a very large feed opening to minimize flow issues.

We also offers reliable rotary and orbital blending systems. As with all Sackett systems, we will work with you to ensure an engineered system that fits your individual needs.


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