Declining Weight Blending

The Sackett Declining Weight blend system is a revolutionary development in continuous blend systems with blending capabilities exceeding 250 TPH. What separates Sackett-Waconia’s DW from the others is its utilization of a proven, dependable mechanical design, unmatched sampling rates, and advanced automation to give the customer unprecedented speed, flexibility, dependability and accuracy.


The Sackett-Waconia Declining Weight system features stainless steel hopper construction with extra width and holding capacity.  Each hopper rests on stainless steel load cells and is supported by stainless steel framing.  Dosing of each material is done via a stainless mesh chain feeder, providing accurate, even dosing, adjustable flow gates and a very large feed opening to minimize flow issues. Mesh chain dosing technology was developed by Sackett-Waconia and has proven its reliability during its 10 years of operation in the US and around the world.

Accuracy & Flexibility

The accuracy of the Sackett-Waconia DW system is unmatched due to the load cells, controllers and high sampling rates. Flexibility is achieved with adjustable gates giving each hopper a wide range of output.

The Sackett-Waconia DW control system uses a reliable PLC based control system where individual rates, blend ratio and final material quantities are all constantly monitored and adjusted.

Mixing is carried out in our proprietary continuous mixer. The Sackett-Waconia continuous mixer makes use of a one of a kind mixing zone that thoroughly blends all materials. It is also offers a location to coat or impregnate an entire batch, or incorporate powdered additives, prior to loadout.

If you’re looking for a system that gives you the best in speed, accuracy, flexibility, and dependability, please contact A. J. Sackett & Sons and ask about our Declining Weight Blend System.



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