Coating Systems

Sackett can engineer industry leading coating systems for any application from process plants to fertilizer blending systems.

Coating Drums

Sackett Coating Drums provide thorough, gentle, and efficient application of liquid coatings for anti-caking, coloring, de-dusting, and controlled release fertilizers. Manufactured in a variety of sizes and styles, Sackett can build drums specific to any application.

Pug Mills

The Sackett family of pug mills is designed to efficiently mix, pre-granulate, and/or coat bulk materials.

HIM Mixer

The HIM is capable of adding any type of liquid to a blend, completely dispersing it in seconds. Is unique design eliminates “Dead Zones” within the mixer, ensuring that every granule is in motion during the blending or coating process. The HIM has been tested and proven with liquid ranging from organic coatings to polymers and poly urethane coatings.

Continuous Coating

In addition, we offer a built-in continuous coating option with our Loss-in-Weight blending systems. This coater can also utilized as a stand-alone coating system with standard designs up to 600 tons/hr.


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