Bulk-Toter II


Since their introduction in the 1960’s, Sackett Bulk-Toters have earned an unsurpassed reputation for reliability, clean operation, convenience and speed. Currently there are over 4000 Bulk-Toters in operation worldwide. Their self-regulating infeed hoppers allow flood feeding, without fear of overloading.

Next Generation

This new generation of Bulk-Toters are full of features to keep them performing reliably in corrosive environments. Features include: stainless steel bodies, stainless steel separator plates, Sackett’s engineered chain with stainless steel pins and barrels, corrosion resistant flights, Dodge type “E” bearings, and chain tension rods.


Specifically designed to transfer free flowing bulk materials, the Bulk-Toter II provides safe , dust tight, spill proof all weather covering. They can be “Flood Fed” or “Control Fed” and can be used in a large range of applications.

Designed with Efficiency in Mind The Bulk-Toter II is designed to reduce both wear and power consumption, thereby reducing your operating costs and maintenance. All this, while maintaining the same

Bulk-Toter II

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